Auto Glass Replacement Questions?
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Yes, I’m able to work with all types of car insurance companies.

What types of payments do you accept?

Yes! I am a mobile auto glass installer and I will come to you.

Rain: We will need a covered garage that fits the entire car with walking room all the way around it. The dryer the better.

Snow & Cold: I recommend that you have the vehicle inside and dry for proper installation. I can come to your house or business if you have a garage or shop with walking room around the entire vehicle.

Auto glass for Porsches, Audis, Saturns and improperly installed glass from the last installer.

A couple of things can be done;

  1. Bring the car to a body shop and cut the windshield out there, have them fix the affected area. After the repair is complete we will re-install the windshield.
  2. I can scuff the area up with a wire brush, wipe the rust off and then apply a "Sika Primer" that is recommended.

If your windshield was recently installed, I can add urethane to it and reseal the windshield or cut out the windshield and repair the problem area then re-install correctly.

I use "Sika brand products" on all windshields. I have tried other brand urethanes but have found Sika products performance is superior compared to other urethanes.

I have been installing auto glass since September of 1996 and started my own business in May of 2001. I have worked on cars all of my life. Installing auto glass comes naturally to me.

No. Repairing rock chips entails placing a resin into the chipped area that leaves a noticeable spot in todays tinted windshields.

Yes, I do but, I do not warranty it. Once you buy the glass there is no warranty from the auto recycler or Ron’s Auto Glass. I will install your glass to the best of my abilities but if it cracks there is NO WARRANTY on it. Just check the glass over for flaws carefully before purchasing it.

I serve the entire metro area including Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding Northern suburbs.

No. However, I will remove after-market window tints. I have been asked about how to remove window tint that has either bubbled or faded over time.

Yes! Yes I do! Not on purpose but accidents do happen.

Yes, it has happened when installing a used piece of glass. This can easily happen if the glass edges are chipped after it has been cut out of the vehicle.

I do not offer coupons but I do have freebies every once in awhile. For example, at the end of the year I hand out Ron’s Auto Glass calendars to my customers.

See our Used Auto Glass page for more information.

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